General Rules


Staff member
Apr 24, 2020
Basic rules:

1. Any 3rd party software is forbidden.

2. Exploiting any bug is forbidden. If you have noticed a bug in a game, please report it in the forum’s bug section. (Before reporting, please be sure that your game client has newest updates which are needed for our server.)

3. Impersonating Administrators, GM’s or so called their “friends” will get you banned. Administration doesn’t have friends in game.

4. We will not be held responsible for the loss of any items or exp while playing the game and under no circumstances the items will be replaced or refunded.Our Account-Security system is bulletproof and some Account-Security Tips for our community are given below the Basic Rules Section.

5. Respecting other players is the key to friendly community. Racism, Nazism or abusive comments towards others will not be tolerated and we will take appropriate action against anyone violating this rule.

6. Any incrimination to Admin or any other player must be proven with screenshots or any other visual material. Otherwise the accuser may be banned for slander.

7. Please make an effort to keep the game fair and fun for all by abiding these rules. If you think that someone is breaking any of the rules above, please report them to administrators.

8. All database information is the property of administration. Character/account/item sales or exchanges to real items/currency or game items are forbidden. Administrators will never give out your account information to any third party. However, we keep the right to do with it whatever is needed.

Account security:

1. Each player is responsible for his account,we offer you our registration system to create one and in the meantime to change its password.If you have any doubt regarding your account's security, head right there and change your password.

2. Do not give away your account's password.Administration team does not take responsibility in case a player is giving away his credentials,any items are lost due to the failure of securing his own account will not be replaced or refunded.

3. All accounts and all characters are property of the server Administration. Selling/exchanging accounts is forbidden (currency makes no difference). Seller can get his account banned and buyer can get banned at any time since his actions will be considered as illegal usage of personal data.


Administration of the server reserves the right to ban a player's account, or an entire subnet without any reason, if the user is in any way interfere with the further development of the project
These rules may be amended or supplemented at any time, without notice.