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Apr 24, 2020

Dear L2Gold.biz players,

Administration team of L2Gold.biz is proud to announce the ending of the final BETA phase of the server and consequently moving onto its Grand Opening.

We'd like to thank every single one of you that contributed in any way, provided feedback, either good or bad and helped us a lot in giving the shape we think is the best for our server. You're all great!

To the point, BETA phase will be terminated tomorrow 14/5/2020 19:00 GMT +3 and Grand Opening will be held one day later 15/5/2020 19:00 GMT +3.

Moving on to some questions, delivered with their answers that were asked a lot during the beta phase, and apparently need some answers, before we proceed with the opening, in order to make sure that we're all on the same page.

Will I keep the items that I had during Beta Phase?

No, every character that got created during the Beta Phase will be wiped, along with the items.

Does L2Gold.biz have Anti-Bot/Anti-Cheating system?

L2Gold.biz is equipped with one of the most up-to-date anti-cheating platforms. We'll be also limiting the number of clients that can be opened by a computer to 3. Any perpetrator caught by our anti-cheating system will be permanently banned and will have to appeal his ban through Discord for a chance to play once again in our server. Even if he gets unbanned, all the materials/adenas that his account has will be wiped.

What are administration's plans when it comes to the gameplay and server-phases?

1) 3 days after the Grand Opening, Monday 18th of May, we'll proceed with spawning the first Epic Raid Boss from the List that's already available in Information about our Server topic. For more details, open up the following Spoiler.

  • Core - Monday 22:00.
  • Zaken - Tuesday 22:00.
  • Orfen - Wednesday 22:00.
  • Ant Queen - Tuesday 22:00
  • Frintezza - Thursday 23:00.
  • Baium - Friday 22:00.
  • Valakas - Sunday 22:00.
  • Antharas - Saturday 22:00.

2)First Season of Grand Olympiad will begin 2/6/2020

3)Armor Refining will offer you the chance to refine your Draconic/Major Arcana/Imperial set up to 100%. Appela refining will not be available until further notice.

That's all for now, you'll be notified for any other change through our forums or Discord.
Thank you everyone that participated in our beta phase once again, expecting to see you in our Grand Opening as well.

King Regards,
L2Gold.biz Administration Team
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