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Apr 24, 2020

Hello aspiring L2Gold.biz players,

To begin with, thank you for being here, reading this post and showing interest towards our project.

Demand for access and lust to test of our new server was shown, noted and appreciated, thus we're making this post to announce that L2Gold.biz is starting off at 8th of May, 19:00 GMT +3 with a public BETA test, open for everyone that wishes to test our project before the actual Grand Opening.

In order to be more direct with any questions that may come along with this announcement, we've made a list of questions that many of you may ask, delivered with their answers.

-When does L2Gold.biz public Beta start?

The L2Gold.biz public BETA starts 8th of May, 19:00 GMT +3.

-How do I get access?

1. Download Lineage II Salvation Client from
Google Disk
2. Download L2Gold.biz patch/update from
Links for patch 8th May
3. Install Lineage II Salvation Client and extract our patch/updater in the folder and click FULL CHECK
4. Start the game
5. Type your username and password ( Accounts will be created automatically during BETA)

-How long will this Beta last?

Our public beta test will be up for almost a week. We believe our server is ready to be opened, however we're opening up first on beta phase aiming to gather some feedback(positive or negative) and potentially reevaluate our decisions, or let them be, according to the feedback we receive.

-What will I be able to test during the beta phase?

You will be able to test whichever aspect of our server you wish.
You can start up from Level 1 and grinding levels all the way to the top, along with seeing some new features that we've implemented to make your leveling up procedure more pleasant.
You can also skip the leveling up procedure and receive free level up and items, if you wish to test our server's balance.

Kind Regards,
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